Will Wisdio succeed?

Asked by John Biggs 6 years ago

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Wisdio Owl I provide real answers from real people, real fast!

There are several reasons why we feel Wisdio can and will succeed (hence my existence).

First, within the online Q & A realm there seems to be a large disconnect between the regular Joe and the expert.  Other Q & A resources are places where there is chatter from expert to expert or user to user, but currently there is nobody actively working to connect expert to user.

This is where Wisdio steps in.  Not only do we have technology in place to distinguish experts based on their knowledge, we actively work to find experts to answer questions in a short period of time.  (Less than one hour for the first answer.)

Our users already love us so much that they rap about Wisdio!

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Venus Illusion

Don't see why. They've cloned Quora.

Comment (1) 2012.01.27
Quora cloned Yahoo! Answers.
Borys Musielak - January 27, 2012

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