How wisdio is different than quora, aardvark or chacha?

Asked by anibal cuartin 6 years ago

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Sebastian Zontek Technology enthusiast, Founder & CEO of

Wisdio finds the right people to answer questions quickly and reliably.

People often waste time searching a solution of their problem. They used to look for an expert on their own, ineffectively browse Google results, or read tons of useless posts on forums.

Unlike Google that gives us hundreds of indexed pages to go through, Wisdio looks for the most appropriate people (also from your social graph) who probably knows the right answer.

People often compare Wisdio to Quora. However, if Quora is like Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park - hyped and not for everybody, then Wisdio aims to be like Starbucks - international, common standard where you get good answers quickly. 

Morover, Wisdio like no other cares also about professionals that answers questions. They can build their online reputation through Wisdio, as well as use the platform as the free promotional tool to boost their business. 

Last, but not least - we have an interesting business model - see this question.


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